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"Basic YouTube Course (Discover YouTube SEO & Promotion)"

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Begin working on your ideal YouTube channel, learn effective methods to boost your current channel's growth, or advance your career in this field through Arfi Technology's online YouTube SEO Course.

In this YouTube crash course, you'll discover everything you need to know, starting with finding your area of interest and creating your channel, all the way to picking video ideas, studying what others are doing, making money from your channel, and becoming really popular.

 YouTube Course

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Duration Timings
Batch - 1 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Batch - 2 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Batch - 3 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM
Batch - 4 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Batch - 5 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM

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Quick Overview of YouTube SEO Course by Arfi Technology

YouTube is the second-biggest search website after Google. It has a huge audience of 2 billion people all around the world. No matter what kind of videos you make or what topics you're interested in, lots of people use this platform, so you'll likely find viewers who are interested in what you create.

Whether you're starting as a YouTuber or want to boost your current channel's growth, this YouTube SEO Course is perfect for you. It's designed to help you succeed and improve your YouTube marketing skills.

Furthermore, if you're interested in working as a YouTube Manager, Strategist, or Expert, there are many companies and individual YouTubers looking to hire people for these roles. This training will help you get ready for these jobs too.

The Arfi Technology YouTube Marketing Course teaches you practical strategies that have been proven to work. You'll learn how to get more people to watch your videos, gain more subscribers, and make money from your channel.

Arfi Technology certificate

What will you discover in this YouTube Crash Course, whether you're online or offline?

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted, offering a comprehensive learning experience aligned with the latest industry trends and standards!

  • Introduction to YouTube Marketing
  • How to find your niche?
  • How to create a YouTube channel from scratch?
  • How to set up the channel?
  • All YouTube Settings
  • What to do for channel branding?

  • How does the YouTube algorithm work?
  • How to find new topics for videos?
  • How to create a YouTube content plan?
  • Competitor analysis

  • What are keywords?
  • How to find keywords for YouTube videos?
  • Best YouTube keyword research tools
  • How to optimise the rankings of your videos on YouTube?

  • YouTube Live
  • Making best use of YouTube Community posts
  • Right way to use YouTube Stories
  • Strategies for YouTube Shorts
  • Tips to promote videos on social media

  • How to monetize a YouTube channel?
  • YouTube monetization guidelines and policies
  • How to avoid copyright issues?
  • How to deal with copyright issues if they arise?
  • YouTube growth strategies and primary factors

What Sets Arfi Technology Apart in AYouTube Marketing and SEO Course?

Help system.

Learn From Experts

In this YouTube mastery course, you will learn everything from an experienced mentor. All concepts are covered in-depth and in an interactive

Skilled Mentorship

Get Proven Strategies

The strategies, tips, and recommendations you get in this YouTube online course are based on the success factors of our own channel and renowned YouTubers.

Placement Assistance

Live Training

It’s an online/offline YouTube Marketing Course with live classes. You can interact with the mentor, ask you questions.

Engage in Real Project Work.

Free PDF and Notes

Upon training completion, you will get downloadable YouTube course PDF and notes for free. You can refer to these whenever you want and keep the growth going.

Career support is readily available

100% Practical

At Arfi Technology, we don’t believe in theoretical knowledge. Like our other courses, this YouTube training is also completely practical-oriented and skill-based.

Certification in Web Development Available

YouTube Marketing Certification.

Once you complete the YouTube training course, you will be rewarded with a professional certificate that helps you explore career opportunities.

Arfi Technology owner Aqmal Arfi

"Secure your future with a career that's built to last!"

"We understand the profound impact we have on shaping your future, and we embrace this responsibility wholeheartedly. At Arfi Technology, we are committed to providing you with premier training, enriched by practical projects, to ensure your career is both successful and future-proof. Best wishes for your journey!"

Aqmal Arfi, Founder, Arfi Technology Pvt Ltd

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YouTube Course FAQs

Promoting a product, service, or business on YouTube is a great idea. You can do this by posting smart videos, sharing things in posts, or putting up ads that reach the right people. YouTube has lots of viewers, so it's important to use it for marketing with the right plans.

SEO, which stands for "search engine optimization," is a way to make your videos and YouTube channel perform better in searches on YouTube. Since YouTube is a place where people search for videos on many different topics, the methods or tricks used to make your videos and channel show up higher in search results are known as YouTube SEO.
When you follow the best YouTube SEO tips discussed in this course, you will be able to improve the rankings of your videos and get more views & subscribers.

Absolutely! Becoming a YouTuber is a great career choice nowadays. If you love making videos about something you're passionate about, you can get started without spending money. Plus, big YouTubers and companies with large channels often look for talented folks to help them with their videos and channels.

By learning the right YouTube SEO skills in this training, you can not only start your own channel and grow it, but also work for others at high packages.

You can easily learn YouTube marketing by taking a good online or offline course that teaches you all the strategies, tips, and growth techniques in a practical way.

  • You want to become a successful Youtuber
  • You want to take your existing channel to the next level
  • You want to make a career in this field and work as a YouTube Manager, YouTuber Executive, or YouTube Strategist.

It’s INR 2000/- only.

It’s 30 days.

Yes, You will get a professional certificate valid all over India and globally.

Yes. The training includes growth strategies and factors that matter in growing an existing or new channel.

Yes. This is an online YouTube course for beginners where everything is covered from scratch.

Turn your hobby into a job, share what you know with people online, and become a successful YouTuber!

The right time to learn YouTube SEO and Marketing is now!

Enroll now in the best YouTube course in Jaunpur! !

  • How to find your niche?
  • How to create and set up a channel?
  • YouTube channel branding
  • How to find new topics for videos?
  • How to create a content plan?
  • Strategic YouTube SEO for Massive Growth
  • Best YouTube keyword research tools
  • YouTube Content Promotion Strategies
  • Strategies for YouTube Shorts
  • How to monetize a YouTube channel?
  • How to deal with copyright issues if they arise?
  • YouTube growth strategies and primary factors