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Web Development Course

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In India, web development is a highly sought-after skill for building a successful career. Arfi Technology Pvt Ltd offers a comprehensive web development certification course tailored to aspiring website developers, providing the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in this dynamic field.

Arfi Technology Pvt Ltd's web development certification course stands out as it offers live Zoom classes, enabling students from across India to enhance their web development skills. Additionally, participants can explore the course with two free demo classes before enrollment.

Web Development Course

Batch Details

Duration Timings
Batch - 1 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Batch - 2 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM
Batch - 3 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM
Batch - 4 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Batch - 5 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM

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Experience an exclusively practical web development course brought to you by Arfi Technology.

This comprehensive web development course covers essential programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. It also delves deep into top libraries and frameworks, including Bootstrap, Angular, React, Laravel, AJAX, API development, and even WordPress theme development, all with a strong focus on hands-on practical learning.

What sets our website development course apart from others is its exclusive focus on hands-on experience. Whether you're a novice or have some prior knowledge, our training ensures your transformation into a skilled web developer by course completion.

Our course also includes instruction in responsive web design, dynamic website development, and web hosting principles. Upon course completion, you will receive a professional certificate, gain experience through 12 hands-on projects (both static and dynamic websites), and be well-prepared to excel in interviews with leading companies across the nation.

Furthermore, we offer placement assistance, connecting you with organizations offering competitive packages to fresh graduates. Alternatively, you have the option to pursue a career as a freelance website developer, allowing you to capitalize on your newfound skills and independence.

It is time for you to build a thriving career in web development by learning from India’s top mentors.

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The syllabus for our Web Developer Course is as follows:

Our curriculum is meticulously crafted, offering a comprehensive learning experience aligned with the latest industry trends and standards!

  • HTML Editors
  • HTML Basics
  • HTML Elements
  • HTML Links
  • HTML Images
  • HTML Lists
  • HTML Attributes
  • HTML Headings
  • HTML Paragraphs
  • HTML Styles
  • HTML Formatting
  • HTML Comments
  • HTML Blocks
  • HTML Classes

  • CSS Syntax and Selectors
  • CSS Colors
  • CSS Backgrounds
  • CSS Borders
  • Setting Height and Width
  • Background Color
  • Background Image
  • Background Repeat
  • Borders
  • Border Types
  • Border Style
  • Border Radius
  • Text Indentation
  • Text Transformation
  • Letter Spacing
  • Line Height
  • Font Families
  • Font Color
  • Font Style
  • Float and Clear
  • Margin And Padding
  • Text Alignment
  • Text Decoration
  • Word Spacing
  • Text Shadow
  • Position

  • CSS Rounded Corners
  • CSS Border Images
  • CSS Multiple Backgrounds
  • RGBA Colors
  • CSS Gradients
  • CSS Shadow Effects
  • CSS Text Effects
  • CSS 2D Transforms
  • CSS 3D Transforms
  • CSS Transitions
  • CSS Animations
  • CSS Styling Images
  • CSS Buttons
  • CSS Multiple Columns
  • Resize
  • CSS Box Sizing
  • Details Tag
  • Dialog Tag

  • Introduction To HTML 5
  • !DOCTYPE html
  • Header Tag
  • Footer Tag
  • Article Tag
  • Section Tag
  • Figure Tag
  • Aside Tag
  • Audio Tag
  • Video Tag
  • Article Tag
  • Aside Tag
  • Details Tag
  • Dialog Tag
  • Main Tag
  • Nav Tag
  • Summary Tag

  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Install Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Media Query
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Containers
  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Multiple Columns
  • Resetting Columns
  • Offsetting Columns
  • Nesting Columns
  • Push & Pull
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Glyph icons
  • Dropdown
  • Video
  • Nav & Navbar
  • Carousel
  • Tabbing
  • What is Media Query?
  • What is Responsive Web Design?
  • Screen Resolutions to use while taking screenshots

  • JavaScript Introduction
  • JavaScript Basics
  • JS Comments
  • JS Variables
  • JS Global Variable
  • JS Data Types
  • JS Operators
  • JS If Statement
  • JS Switch
  • JS slider
  • JS Loop
  • JavaScript DOM
  • JS Events
  • onclick
  • onmouseover
  • onmouseout
  • onkeydown
  • onload
  • JS validation
  • JS window.print()

  • What is jQuery?
  • Adding jQuery Library to HTML Pages
  • Basic jQuery Example
  • Downloading jQuery
  • jQuery Syntax
  • Document Ready Function
  • How to use Custom Scripts?
  • How to use Selectors?
  • CSS Element Selector and ID Selector
  • CSS Element Class Selector and Universal Selector
  • CSS Multiple Elements E, F, G Selector
  • jQuery Callback Functions
  • Get Attribute Value
  • Set Attribute Value
  • Apply CSS Properties
  • Setting Element Width & Height
  • jQuery CSS Methods
  • jQuery Online Effects
  • Slider
  • Lightbox

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Getting Started with WordPress
  • Installing WordPress through an auto-installer script
  • The wp-admin panel
  • WordPress Admin Conventions
  • Publishing Blog Posts
  • Discussion on the blog– comments
  • Creating Web Pages
  • Media Library
  • Importing/Exporting Content

  • What is XAMPP Server?
  • Basic Syntax of PHP
  • Operators in PHP
  • Conditional Statement
  • PHP Loops
  • PHP Arrays
  • PHP Strings
  • String Functions
  • Form Methods
  • Type of Methods
  • Creating Admin Panel
  • What is control panel?
  • PHP Inbuild Function
  • User-Defined Function
  • PHP Session
  • PHP Cookies

  • What is MySQL?
  • Create Database for Project
  • Create a MySQL Table Using MySQL and PDO
  • Insert Query
  • Select Query
  • Update Query
  • Delete Query
  • MySQL Search
  • PHP File Upload with MySQL
  • Creating Pagination with PHP and MySQL
  • MySQL Joins
  • MySQL Trigger

  • What Is AJAX?
  • JSON Object
  • Basics of REST
  • Basics of API
  • Difference Between REST and RESTful
  • Connection of REST and HTTP
  • What is REST API?
  • Why do We Need REST API?
  • Where is REST API used?
  • Consume REST API in PHP
  • Fetch Records through CURL
  • Learn to Work with JWT (JSON Web Tokens) in PHP

  • Choosing a Reliable Web Hosting Company
  • Choosing Website Upload Method
  • File Manager
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Uploading Website File
  • Moving Website Files to Main Root Directory
  • Importing Database
  • Checking If Website Works as Expected

  • What is ReactJS?
  • Basics of ReactJS
  • Role of ReactJS in website development

  • What is AngularJS?
  • Basics of AngularJS
  • Role of Angular in website development

What Sets Arfi Technology Apart in Web Development Learning?

Get Expert Mentorship

Access guidance from seasoned experts.

Highly experienced mentors lead our comprehensive web development course, ensuring that you learn with confidence and successfully complete project assignments.

Modern & Well-Structured Curriculum

Modern & Well-Structured Curriculum.

To secure its place among the premier web development courses, we guarantee a meticulously structured curriculum that remains
current .

Live Classes that are Immensely Engaging

Live Classes that are Immensely Engaging.

Our web development classes prioritize interactivity, allowing you to engage directly with mentors. Feel free to ask questions, seek clarification.

Engage in Real Project Work.

Engage in Real Project

Throughout the web development course, you'll have the chance to engage in 12 practical projects, gaining valuable experience in crafting both static and dynamic websites. ......

Career support is readily available

Career support is readily available.

Upon successfully finishing the website development course, you'll be well-prepared for interviews and connected with top-tier companies, paving the way for lucrative job opportunities.

Certification in Web Development Available

Certification in Web Development Available.

Our web development certification course provides you with a professional certificate, significantly enhancing your prospects of securing your initial position with esteemed organizations.

Arfi Technology owner Aqmal Arfi

"Secure your future with a career that's built to last!"

"We understand the profound impact we have on shaping your future, and we embrace this responsibility wholeheartedly. At Arfi Technology, we are committed to providing you with premier training, enriched by practical projects, to ensure your career is both successful and future-proof. Best wishes for your journey!"

Aqmal Arfi, Founder, Arfi Technology Pvt Ltd

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Website Development Course FAQs

Website development, synonymous with web development, encompasses the creation of websites and web applications. This holistic process encompasses critical aspects such as designing the website, crafting functionalities and features, database management, optimizing for user-friendliness, and enhancing the user experience and loading speed.

Arfi Tech's web design and development course spans 360 days, providing ample time for mastering all the essential aspects necessary to establish yourself as a proficient website developer.

To embark on your journey of learning website development from scratch, it's essential to break your learning process into distinct stages. Begin by mastering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Following this foundation, you'll progress to mastering Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and other essential libraries and frameworks. Learning these skills independently can be challenging without structured guidance and a systematic approach to practice.

That's why industry experts endorse enrolling in a classroom or web development course at a reputable institution like Arfi Tech. Through our courses, you'll gain strategic insights from seasoned mentors and engage in hands-on web development projects, ensuring your skills are honed for real-world application.

With keep interest and unwavering dedication, mastering website development becomes accessible. Basic skills are attainable with effort and guidance, but for this lucrative and promising career path, consistent practice and dedication are essential investments of your time and effort.

The most rewarding aspect is that your dedication will lead to the establishment of a flourishing career.

Website development from the ground up in just 7 to 8 months. Our curriculum encompasses all vital aspects, allowing ample time for hands-on work on real-world assignments and projects.

Becoming a proficient website developer with Arfi Technology begins by enrolling in our premier full-stack web development course. Here, you'll receive expert guidance from seasoned developers and gain hands-on experience in building both static and dynamic websites.

Arfi Technology full-stack web development course empowers you with a comprehensive understanding of web development, spanning from fundamental to advanced concepts. Upon completion, you'll earn a professional certification and receive support in securing positions at esteemed organizations nationwide. This course paves the way for you to excel as a seasoned web developer and elevate your career to unprecedented heights.

Yes, Arfi Technology recognizes the significance of an online presence as businesses increasingly transition to the digital realm for expansion. Various website types, such as corporate sites, eCommerce platforms, portfolios, and blogs, necessitate the expertise of a web developer for their creation.

Web development's demand in India is skyrocketing. Join Arfi Technology's web development certification course, available both online and offline, to acquire valuable skills and forge a rewarding career.

In Arfi Technology's web development classes, whether online or offline, you will gain expertise in:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Laravel
  • Uploading Website on Server
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS

Curious about web developer salaries in India? Here's the scoop: The average annual web developer salary in India stands at INR 6.9 lakh, while seasoned professionals can command nearly INR 10 lakh per annum.

Geographic location plays a significant role in determining salary ranges. Notably, Bangalore-based companies offer the highest compensation packages.

With the appropriate skill set, freelance web developers can command rates ranging from $15 to $30 per hour, translating to earnings of INR 1k to INR 2.2k for each hour of work.

Web development ranks among India's most sought-after skills, with escalating demand that shows no signs of abating. Companies increasingly require dedicated teams of web developers to enhance their websites and web applications.

Acquire the essential skills through India's premier Offline/online web development course at Arfi Technology and set the foundation for a successful career in this field.

Indeed, as previously discussed, website development is an accessible skill irrespective of your educational background. While a graduation degree is advantageous, it's not a prerequisite.

Certainly! We provide a complimentary two-day trial of our web development certification course, available both online and Offline.

No need for concerns. You'll have access to recorded sessions of both online and offline classes for review or in case you miss a class. Plus, you can engage with your mentor during future classes to address any queries or doubts.

Secure your spot today in the premier online/offline Website Development Course in India at Arfi technology !

It’s time for you to learn Python programming and grab the opportunities!

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Laravel
  • Uploading Website on Server
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS