About Web Application

Arfi Technology offers dynamic web applications with all pages linked to a database. Tailored to client needs, it includes Home, Login, Signup, Dashboard, Profile, Account, Payment Gateway, Transactions List, and Notifications.

  • Shopping
  • Matrimonials
  • Education Portal
  • Hospital Management Portal
  • Stock Management Portal
  • Banking

Material of Web Application:

Web application materials encompass HTML for structure, CSS for design, JavaScript for interactivity, and backend technologies for functionality.

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Source Code
  • Any time updation facility available.
  • Any time upgradation facility available.

Features of Web Application:

Web applications offer online functionality and interaction, accessible through browsers. They provide services like forms, e-commerce, user accounts, and data management.

  • Light Weight
  • Standard Coding
  • Fully Secured
  • SEO Related Standard

Our Team of Web Application:

Our static website team crafts engaging online presences, blending design and functionality for seamless user experiences and impactful brand representation.

  • All designer experience minimum 10 years
  • All designer are qualified programmer
  • We haven't facing any issues on updation/upgradation
Our Trusted Clients: